OU level 3: Complex numbers and stochastic dynamics

Books for this year: Complex numbers and stochastic dynamics

I gave myself a birthday present again this year, by registering for another 60 points worth of Open University maths modules. I’d put it off for quite a while as I couldn’t decide which level three modules I wanted to do most and also in which order. The only fixed option was “The quantum word” which was only available once I’d completed1 60 points worth. This left me with a choice of 3 modules from 4 other interesting options. Sadly, I discovered (thanks to a comment) that the pure maths module I intended to do was a 60 point module, meaning I either had to lose that from my choice or two of the modules I was really wanting to do. In the end, pure mathematics lost out and I’m committed to four 30 point modules.

The first two of these will start in a few weeks and the books have arrived. While I’ve really enjoyed my summer break and reading a variety of books on my kindle while commuting, I’m also really looking forward to getting back to my #OUCommute and studying again.

For the next 9 months I’ll be studying Complex numbers (M337) and Deterministic and stochastic dynamics (MS327). I haven’t yet decided whether to alternate study weeks or do one in the morning and the other in the evening. I suspect that regardless of what I choose, I’ll end up changing things around so I’ll make a plan based on tutorials and TMAs and see what happens.  What is interesting is that complex numbers is still an old style module, like MS121, while Stochastic Dynamics appears to have been rewritten this year.  It’s likely that they’ll be very different in presentation of the material.  Time will tell.

It’s also starting to sink in that I’m already four years through this part time degree and this time next year it’ll be my final modules I’ll be choosing.

If, like me, you’re starting a new module (or modules) then best of luck for your studies.

  1. Technically registered for rather than completing

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Dr Janet is a Molecular Biochemistry graduate from Oxford University with a doctorate in Computational Neuroscience from Sussex. I’m currently studying for a third degree in Mathematics with Open University. During the day, and sometimes out of hours, I work as a Chief Science Officer. You can read all about that on my LinkedIn page.

4 thoughts on “OU level 3: Complex numbers and stochastic dynamics”

  1. Hi,

    Yes, shame they don’t allow you to do additional modules to maybe get a better degree. I am thinking of maybe switching the degree in a years time so I can do some more modules before I graduate, the prime motivator being so I can get onto one of the top Msc courses in Theoretical Physics (Nottingham or Imperial, maybe if I can average over 95% in the rest of my modules I might even try for Cambridge).

    I am doing the Complex Analysis course on Coursera and it is really well taught and fascinating, so best of luck with that.

    1. It’s a lot more flexible on the Open Degree, but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve chosen now. Best of luck in your modules – apply for Cambridge in addition to Imperial and Nottingham anyway – if Cambridge is anything like Oxford, they look for people with more than just the high numbers.

      1. Thanks, what I meant was that I didn’t have the option to do more modules than required (in an ideal world I would do most of the Pure and Applied Maths modules and Quantum Mechanics/General Relativity and Electromagnetism).

        I started a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at Edinburgh a long time ago, but I just wasn’t prepared for the massive jump in what was required. All the rest of my cohort were mathematicians (mainly Oxbridge), I was the only Comp. Sci., so I just want to make sure I am well prepared this time!

        Thankfully, there is a lot of free stuff available nowadays. MIT OCW has a lot of interesting courses, and there is an Indian project nptel which makes available a lot of they courses they teach at the IIT’s available online.


      2. Arshad,

        Sounds like you’ve got some cool goals, how have you found your OU journey so far? I’m considering signing up myself and seeing if I can get a late change in direction from the IT world.

        I follow Dr. Janet’s blog and between her posts and contributions like yours it all sounds pretty rewarding!

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