3D Printer part 11: Top and side covers

At the end of my last post in this series, we had completed the heater plate and sensors and reconnected the y-axis covers.  This post focuses on the z-shaft support and top and side covers, covering issues 40 – 43 of 3D Create and Print by Eaglemoss Technology.  If you’ve skipped a part of this series you can start from the beginning, including details of the Vector 3 printer I’m building on my 3D printer page.

Unpacking this set of parts was a little disappointing to start with, however by the end, this covers the working parts and gives a device that looks like it’s not far from being ready to print…1 Continue reading 3D Printer part 11: Top and side covers

Studying by train

Studying on a train
Studying on a train is fun 🙂

The new OU term started on the 3rd October, but I’ve been working on M208 for four weeks now (although am yet to really do much other than skim through the introduction for DB123).  I had a grand plan of confining my studies to the time I spent commuting by train and tutorials as I knew that I would have very little time outside of these short windows to dedicate.  So how have the past 4 weeks gone? Continue reading Studying by train