3D Printer part 13: Control Unit Cover and Power

At the end of my last post in this series, we had added the lower cover and the hood limit switch, which didn’t feel like much progress.  This post focuses on the control unit covers and power switch covering issues 48 – 51 of 3D Create and Print by Eaglemoss Technology.  If you’ve skipped a part of this series you can start from the beginning, including details of the Vector 3 printer I’m building on my 3D printer page.

Despite the delay in opening this set of four issues, I was very excited to see these next parts.  The sight of the iconic white base covers and power switch immediately gave me the feel that the printer would look a lot more complete after adding them.  You may want to read through before starting, as I found some parts were easier in a slightly different order. Continue reading 3D Printer part 13: Control Unit Cover and Power